Something small with hopes of something big!

Something small with hopes of something big!

Welcome to the Little Fish Project! My name is Lane Friel and I am one of the founders of this website. I have always loved miracle stories. My prayer life has a long way to go, but when I hear of an amazing God moment I am inspired to strengthen my relationship with God so that I can have that kind of faith. Even Jesus was amazed by others’ faith! We need to be sharing these stories! No, they don’t replace prayer or scripture, but they encourage us to be in prayer and scripture by edifying our faith and bringing us hope.

According to statistics roughly 70-80% of Americans believe in modern day miracles, and about half of those people say they’ve

witnessed one. That’s millions of stories to share just in America! Many have been shared, and there are all kinds of sharing platforms… but they get lost in the mix and some websites are more like journals focused on one type of miracle (such as Caring Bridge – what a wonderful place). How cool would it be to have one collection point for all types of miraculous stories? Not only will we collect stories, but also data that goes with them – dates, times, places, etc. – as well as links, pictures, prayers and scriptures. This could give us not only insight to how God moves and works in our communities, but also a generally uplifting online experience. To me, this will be such a faith booster in these times with all the sensationalized, dividing, negative news from mainstream media.

The idea of an online miracle database has been in my head for a while, but only recently have things fallen into place (which I believe is how the Holy Spirit works) to begin building this. I have partnered with a fellow prayer team member, Terri Teague, through our church, Mt. Bethel UMC. We created this website and worked with Lauren Hanley Designs on our beautiful logo. (Lauren is a genius! I mean, look at those two little fish, and how they form an angel with a halo on top! It’s absolutely perfect.)

So right now we’re a very small team with limited time and resources, but we have a lot of passion and prayer behind this. Yesterday we posted on Facebook that we are starting something big – and we truly believe this! Our name, Little Fish, is a reference to miraculous stories in the Bible. On two occasions, Jesus took a few little fish and loaves of bread, blessed them, and God used them to heartily feed thousands of people! In our prayers we will ask God to bless this project like He blessed the little fish and loaves of bread.

Soon we will be sharing written and video testimonials of people who have experienced God first-hand. Trust me, get ready to be inspired. We have lined up interviews with friends who have had experienced healings, angel encounters, miraculous birth stories, divine intervention through dreams, answered prayers, and “God Winks” (these are moments that can only be signs from God, which fill you with peace and understanding that you’re on a path that He designed). We welcome your miracle stories and support for this project.