Why Little Fish?

The delight of spotting a little fish

Witnessing a miracle can be much like spotting a fish. Imagine you are looking at a lake, taking in the beauty of nature with a clear and refreshed mind. A little fish bubbles up to the surface and makes ripples in the water. Then you notice other little fish causing nearby ripples – glimpses of the underwater life we cannot see. Suddenly a fish jumps out of the water! It is an unexpected delight and an experience full of joy and peacefulness. Moments like these are not unheard of by any means, but they are rare and endearing, and you feel overjoyed and privileged to have witnessed them. And they definitely make you want to tell your friends and come back to the lake!

Miraculous moments in our own lives are also unexpected delights, many times described with a joy-filled, incredible peace that surpasses human understanding. These are stories we need to be sharing with each other so that we can collectively grow in our understanding of God. Little Fish Project could be like a beautiful lake where you can enter and see thousands of fish jumping at any time!

Here are the types of stories you could expect to see here:

  • “God winks” (like seeing little fish surfacing in a lake and watching the ripples),
  • Clear messages from Heaven (watching a fish jump all the way out of the water), or
  • Major miracles (maybe an incredibly big fish swallowed you and spit you out after 3 days!),

Shoaling and Schooling

We also want the Little Fish Project to be like a reef, where fish of all backgrounds and brilliant colors gather to “shoal and school”, which is the behavior of fish when they socialize as a large group (shoal) and move together as a large group (school). The metaphor of fish is very relevant to humanity!

Little Fish Project would like to provide a “shoaling” community where we can share our experiences with God with each other. Our goal is for these stories to allow each of us to better recognize the miracles that happen each day in our own lives, and enhance our relationships with Him.

Jesus blessed a few little fish to feed thousands

In another beautiful reference to fish, some of the most memorable miracles of Jesus were the stories of feeding the crowds with just a few little fish and loaves of bread. These little fish were blessed and multiplied to heartily feed thousands of people. Like this “little fish story”, we hope that the testimonies recorded on this website will circulate good news of modern day miracles to the ends of the earth.